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Pre-opening break up High star luxury hotel langham from chongqing brand

Date: 2019-02-18

Chongqing langham hotel WeChat ID logout, it expects to disappear together with the official weibo, along with introducing the Michelin Tang Ge has changed its name to peng pavilion.The original plan late last year for the opening of chongqing langham hotel to withdraw brand as a final ending.

A few days ago, reporters learn from owner side yinxing chongqing real estate development co., LTD., and lang atrium hotel management relationship has been terminated, the name of the hotel has become ritz hotel.

Michelin restaurant "Tang Ge become" peng pavilion"

Recently, the reporter discovers in WeChat public number query, chongqing langham hotel WeChat display has been independent logout, weibo also disappeared.In WeChat side, still keep the langham hotel chongqing small programs.Is introduced, according to the hotel is located in the world financial center (WFC) : 58-63, with 174 magnificent and elegant guest rooms and suites, seven multi-function hall, with Hong Kong and Shanghai - Tang Ge michelin-starred cantonese restaurants with the same.The reporters arrived at the WFC6 floor Tang Ge restaurant scene bug found that restaurant is renamed as peng pavilion, still the former with langham chef Tan Shiye was run.According to the waiter, and many Michelin restaurant branch is on the market, "peng pavilion is branch no longer, but master tan resident shops, most of the time will also meet with dining consumer to thank.From food to the user experience, and Fried only hang brand concept of Michelin branch.The store has a lot of consumers who were at present, is the best proof."Reporter rough look at the menu, set per capita consumption of 480 yuan.

Local brand hotel ritz flange chongqing langham

The relevant person in charge of WFC told reporters that WFC cooperation with lang garden hotel, has been temporarily suspended.At present, named ritz hotel, hotel management also temporarily handed over to the owner, is now looking for new hotel management team.As for the cause of the termination of cooperation, the person said the inconvenience disclosed.

Ritz is a what kind of hotel brand "?Reporter discovery, it is actually a local hotel brand, belongs to the chongqing China garden hotel management co., LTD.According to reporter understanding, chongqing langham hotel invested by yinxing chongqing real estate development co., LTD.Yinxing property value their parent QingHua newsletter holding group, the group headquarters is located in chongqing jiangbei CBD core area, has "yinxing chongqing real estate development co., LTD.", "chongqing ring gold business management co., LTD.", "chongqing new ring gold property management co., LTD.", "chongqing China square garden hotel management co., LTD" rhyme "chongqing China macro shore tourism development co., LTD." and so on five molecular company, total asset value of 5.3 billion.The WFC is heavy QingHua holding group during the period of commercial real estate representative works, with a total investment of more than 4 billion yuan.That is to say, withdraw after chongqing langham hotel, the hotel management changes for owner is responsible for the operation and management.

The original plan of chongqing langham hotel, which opened last year, in building floors 58-63, has yet to open.Insiders said, design and decoration has been completed, chongqing ritz hotel is opened at the end of march.At present, the new hotel name number WeChat public has online and text introduction and chongqing langham hotel almost unanimously.

Hotel after four months to release recruitment information again

Langham hotel group, the predecessor to the langham hotel, London was founded in 1865, after the buyout by Hong Kong great eagle group co., LTD., formerly known as established an international hotel management group, there are four five-star hotel brand langham hotels, luxury hotel, from the east hotel and a new world of 88.The business activities worldwide, the langham hotel group of its more than 30 hotels are located in four continents of the world's major cities.

The reporter found, October 13 solstice 14, 2018, chongqing langham hotel is still large fairs held in WFC.The recruitment hotel more than a vacancy to the society, from the grassroots employees to senior management of each department.

In early 2019, is a reversal.On February 15, flange of chongqing hotel ritz Switzerland issued including food and beverage, sales and Marketing Department, engineering department and so on eight department a total of about 50 posts recruitment information.

After four months again release recruitment information.The two famous group co., LTD. Break up before the opening, for a lot of the hotel industry practitioners, do STH over and over again.